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We make your shopping experience fun, easy and shame-free. These are frequently asked questions when purchasing Emojibator products.

Does Emojibator ship orders discreetly?

Yes. We care very much about helping our customers feel comfortable ordering our products. Emojibator products are delivered in a discreet plain padded envelope or box from our Shipping Manager in Santa Clara, CA. It will not say Emojibator on the sh

How do Emojibator purchases show up on my credit card statement?

All purchases made on or after 1/12/2022: EMOJI-PIXELRISE*LLC if checked out via our website, and EMOJI PXL or EMOJI PIXELRISE LLC if checked out via PayPal. All purchases made prior to 1/12/2022: SP * PIXELRISE if checked out via our site, and SP*PI

How long does it take to deliver my products?

This depends on where you are shipping Emojibator to and how quickly you'd like them to arrive. In the US, we offer the following shipping options:. For all other international countries that we ship to, we offer the following shipping options:

What countries do you ship to?

We ship to all countries that allow the purchase and import of adult toys. See here for a list of countries where sex toys might be banned.