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About Emojibator

We're in the business of orgasms through humor and education. Emojibator is an accessible pleasure brand making emoji-inspired sexual wellness toys.

How big is your eggplant?

👀That's not appropriate to ask, but we'll tell you anyway. The dimensions are approximately 4.84" x 1.22" making it the perfectly sleek and satisfying size. All dimensions and specs can be found in the details section of the product page.

What are Emojibator products made of?

Emojibator products are made with high-quality medical-grade silicone, safe for bodily insertion and made to the highest quality standards. Some vibrators are listed as body-grade silicone, and while often safe to use inside your body, have not been

Are your vibrators really waterproof?

💦Yes, you can pack Emojibator for your next underwater adventure. All of our vibrator products are either waterproof or water-resistant. The Emojibator stem has a watertight cap to keep liquids out of the circuitry. This ensures it’s safe to use in

Is the eggplant really a fruit?

Yes. Fruits are the edible reproductive organs of a plant (how appropriate!) and some even consider the eggplant a berry. The more you know.

Do you sell Emojibator wholesale?

Yes. If interested in group or wholesale pricing, please contact us here. You can also shop wholesale offerings directly via Faire, Handshake, or Bulletin.